Crossriver English Springer Spaniels and Pet Sitting Service
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Crossriver Pet Sitting and Grooming Services
Crossriver welcomes all breeds of pets for lodging and/or grooming services. We offer a variety of accomodations both inside and out so that your pet will be as comfortable as possible. We also welcome the ailing or aging pet and are able to administer medications (including injectables e.i. insulin) prescribed from your veterinarian as well as vitamins and other treatments (for an additional rate). Pets are provided two meals per day and owners may bring their pets own diet, toys and bedding.

All outdoor kennels are covered and wired beneath. Currently they are bedded in soft, white pine shavings so that your pet stays clean at all times during their visit.

Due to the roaming nature of cats, they are kept in the house in 4' x 4' wire kennels with perches. toys and sheepskin bedding.
Professional Grooming and Bathing Services

Prices and services are available upon request

Kennel Sizes

Outdoor Kennel runs vary in size from 6' x 12' to 14' x 12' All dogs have access to a 34" x 44' fully fenced play yard twice daily.
                         Boarding Rates

      Cats $16.00


          Toy/Small/Medium $20.00
          Medium/Large $22.50
          Large/Giant $25.00-$30.00

    Exotics and birds

          $12.50 - $20.00 per day

Pick up and Delivery available for an additional fee
Additional Information

- Charges begin the day your pet arrives  

​- Regular Business hours, daily Monday-Friday  8:00 am   til 5:30 pm - Saturdays 8:00 am till 2:00 pm.

- Closed on Sundays and Holidays for pick up and        delivery unless special arrangements are made in      advance. (additional charges will apply)